Cozzine 7001 Mounted Stainless Steel Sink Soap Dispenser

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  1. Kleydson

    This is a great option for those who want a nice and well done soap dispenser for its sink. Great quality and fair price. All pieces n contact with products (cleaners) are made of plastic, which is great since I had one made of metal and melted some pieces after 6 months of use. Size is nice (500 mL) and suits all of my needs.


  2. GetToDaChoppa

    Works great, I love having a mounted soap dispenser at the sink and this oneworks great.No mess pump and I just lift it out from the sink and I can squeeze in a refill froma bottle of soap like it was meant to be.Large capacity also, I fill it and forget it for a long while.I recommend this easy living product.Another great product from Gearbest.


  3. Vadzya

    Очень полезная на кухне вещь. Помогла освободить место ,добавила удобства в мытье посуды. Корпус из нержавеющей стали,механизм помпы -пластик.Выглядит хорошо. Монтаж простой и быстрый:просверлить отверстие 28-32 мм, вставить и закрутить . Упакованы хорошо ,дошло без повреждений .