Excelvan 500ml Mini Air Dehumidifier Portable Dryer Home Bathroom Kitchen Garage Damp UK

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  1. SJT

    Had previously been using crystal traps to manage condensation in en-suite. This was significantly more effective and runs quietly enough to be on overnight without disturbing sleep.Would 100% recommend. had to use UK-EU adapter for power plug


  2. Jan Marcincin

    preforms as promised, around 100ml/day in less humid conditions than (30°C,RH80%) indicated (something around 22°C,RH60-70%) Helps to reduce condensation on walls and windows. not

    Jan Marcincin

  3. ZJ

    Small and it’s working fine. Little bit louder then I thought…but not that loud.20 Watt/hour It only includes European plug, it could be good you add another one for america.


  4. alessandro

    arrived sooner than expected, it works great done excellent materials, used in the bedroom to eliminate a bit of mold in the corners and in one night and managed to lower the rate of humidity in the room I recommend it to everyone great product none


  5. yuju

    The amazing price with fast deals The shipping speed in this case was very fast Es bastante pequeño por lo que solo sirve solo para pequeñas estancias. Hay que vaciar el depósito cuando se llena y solo almacena medio litro.


  6. Carlos Díaz

    Tamaño pequeño. Pesa muy poco y es fácil de transportar. Hace poco ruido. Tiene el tamaño ideal pera pequeñas habitaciones o para armarios. not for large room…

    Carlos Díaz