gocomma 300 Holes High-pressure Boost Shower Head

Description:Have you ever experienced stress for low water pressure when taking shower? It is really a tiresome problem for doing shower. Whether you want to save money by saving water or do an awesome shower, this gocomma 300 Holes High-pressure Boost Shower Head is your best choice. With…

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  1. bigD

    I bought this to attach to a low power shower to see if it would make it feel more powerful. I thought I’d try it in my power shower first and now I love it so much that is where it is staying. Its hard to describe how this shower head makes the water jets feel, but in my opinion it makes the wayer feel much softer and smoother and it definitely helps to control the water temp much better than a standard shower head. I would recomend this product quite easily. It swaps over very easily and looks very shiny and new. No cons.


  2. Zoran Milutinović

    Fast shipping. Great product for low price. Uni-body designed of ABS and stainless steel, sturdy in structure, durable to use. 300 holes of laser drilling for wide-range spraying. LUV high-pressure boost for greater water flow. Polished chrome finish. Handheld or fixed rotatable type, easy to install. Standard connecting interface: G1 / 2. Connecting interface diameter: 20mm. Working temperature: 1 – 90 Deg.C. 30 percent water saving. No battery needed, water powered.

    Zoran Milutinović

  3. Alex

    Доставка быстрая 14 дней. Упаковано не плохо, все приехало в целости. Лейка для душа сделана из пластмассы, изюминка находится во множестве мелких отверстий, благодаря которым струя мягко и в тоже время интенсивно поливает водой. За 3.333 хорошее приобретение.Delivery is fast 14 days. Packed not bad, everything arrived in one piece. The shower head is made of plastic, the highlight is in a set of small holes, thanks to which the jet is gently and at the same time intensively watered. Over 3.333 good acquisition.


  4. Alex

    I got it a few days ago, I’ve been using it since. The bristles can withstand the stress well. I like vinegar to prepare the surface to be cleaned, then come on, rubbing :). Main features: the durable nylon bristles with medium stiffness, the 1/4 inch quick change shaft fits most drills and drivers, suitable for cleaning the floor, kitchen, dead corners. I recommend it to everyone for everyday use until they wear out completely :).


  5. Sajjad

    The Gocomma 3-in-1 brush heads are for use with electric drills. I use them with my portable drill as it has variable speed settings. The heads themselves come in three styles: the large one is useful for cleaning large surfaces, there is one clearly designed to clean toilets and the smallest one is useful for corners, etc. Be careful with your speed setting depending on which brush you ate using and for what purpose.


  6. Pinto

    I chose this article through your sales site because it was recommended and compared to others, it is undoubtedly the one that has the most competitive prices. have no reason to complain about the condition of the item, it is flawless and has been very useful. made other purchases with you and I just have to congratulate you on the quality / price ratio that is incredible.Without any doubt I’ll recommend it!


  7. Huseyn

    Looking good Practical I was searching for soapbox like this for couple months in local stores! Excellent build quality considering it is plastic in material does a great job at keeping the soap bar dry a must for any bathtub at a great price as well! None.


  8. Marek

    Looking good Practical I was searching for soapbox like this for couple months in local stores! None


  9. Beverly

    I needed a soap dish that had a bottom. It matches my bathroom. and my shower curtains. This is just what I needed. The green is great. Would buy again. I have been shopping with Gear Best for a few years. shipping could have been quicker