KUULAA KL-CD14 GaN Fast Charging 65W Charger QC PD Adapter Gallium Nitride Quick Charge EU Plug

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  1. Erwin

    He came too fast about 2 weeks. The product feels sturdy, of good construction, I think it is original. It’s not too easy to set it up, it’s better to watch some videos to set it up and make sure you do it, I did it without video, I’m late for something else but I did it. The product delivers such as the utility you expect, delivers wifi throughout the house, it’s very powerful the range, even delivers the maximum connection being next to the other router. Now I just connect to Xiaomi because I have connectivity all over the house. If you disconnect it and reconnect it elsewhere, you should not reconfigure, it’s the best of all. So if you need wifi elsewhere in your home, you shouldn’t wait too long, it’s almost instant, I totally recommend it


  2. Leo

    Good amplifier. Because of the thick walls in the apartment, Waifa’s signal in the far room was not voook, did not miss at all. The repeater was a month, long, but it was worth it. There’s no problem now, there’s a signal. Despite the fact that the app gives a weak signal, everything works perfectly. The Internet appeared. The box stupid put in the package without puppy, it is like from J. .. It itself is stable in order. Set up a little hemorrhage, the blood of your drink))) put the country China. In the application turned on roaming and everything earned (without this first for some reason did not work). I really advise you. Three thick walls puncture


  3. Elga

    Came for a month, adjusted without bubns, the speed cuts twice (perhaps because of the distance (~ 7 m.) and two walls (brick and foam block)), but I have enough to watch the video of the kitchen more than.


  4. staska

    have tested it with my mi9 and Samsung galaxy s8 so far. works perfectly fine at the moment. comes with a usb cable included, you can connect it to any regular usb charger. will save some regular wear and tear due to phone usb port not being used so often, especially keeping in mind that the mi9 uses the same port for charging as well as connecting earphones.very good price for such a handy contraption.


  5. Alex

    Everything I always order from them is very good quality. All is well packed. Never got anything damaged. Prices are better than good.The wireless charger works well with no problem at all. Never had any complaints from anyone and tried myself with Xiaomi Mi Mix3


  6. Siri

    Best wireless charger,, perfect seller. Slowly charger but Definitely charge próbáltam telefonnal, fulessel azt is tolti kabel is eleg jó minőségű, mar van egy, remélem sokaig bírja, igaz nem volt drága


  7. Wu

    I purchased this charger because I travel frequently and needed a way to keep my phone and laptop charged up. There is a lot of power packed into this little guy, 65W and it’s all the power I need. The charging times were good, and the price is also great for me, because I would not like to spend too much on it . Overall, very pleased.


  8. Ming

    Fantastic charger, puts out the juice, all device display quick charging, and does a fantastic job of doing it too. Nice small platform where it doesn’t take up the whole receptacle. Folds down to easily put in your pocket, just perfect, where I am very happy with the purchase. I would definitely recommend to you


  9. Ling

    It works very well as I expected as a replacement charger for my Samsung phone and also is charging super fast.