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  1. Tere

    La smart band está genial, llegó en plazo y bien. Lo que está mal no, fatal es que quieres instalar la app para ponerla a funcionar y no va, te echa de la app y te pone desconectada y que se revise la conexión a internet, cuándo esta está perfectamente para todo excepto para esta app. O sea, que me he comprado una smart band que no me vale absolutamente para nada, ni siquiera como reloj para dar la hora porque al no poder conectarla con el móvil (un Samsung Galaxy A30s) no puedo ni ponerlo en hora.Si puede ser que alguien me explique paso a paso como hay que hacer, porque alguien ha comentado reducir el zoom de la pantalla, de la letra pero yo ni con eso, no me aparece en ningún lado para aceptar las condiciones. La verdad me parece una farsa.Un saludo


  2. marco

    molto leggero, facile da configurare con la app da scaricare sullo smartphone, anche l’uso e’ semplice e intuitivo, ci sono numerosissime funzionalita’ come step, battito cardiaco, pressione, percentuale di ossigeno, qualita’ del sonno, scatto fotografico


  3. NeOn

    Good for price, i mean this is copy of mi band 5 so for that money ia good


  4. Heelds

    Thanks for good product. Very Recommended. Probably I will buy it again. I don’t know real condition of SOFT, but I think anyway it will be better than before. Thanks GEARBEST Store Very Much.


  5. P H

    I’ve been using this band for a few days and I’m pretty impressed. After I got used to the controls, it was pretty easy to operate. I really appreciate the message display feature, even if it just shows the first few words due to the small screen size. Overall the display is pretty attractive and it’s nice to not have to look at my phone while I’m working. It’s bright and easy to see in different light levels and the band seems to be of decent quality. It’s also small and comfortable on the wrist.The app and the band itself have some interesting language quirks, simply because I don’t think it was a native speaker that programmed them, so this does occasionally cause confusion (ex. “state” is an option on the watch that tells you steps and distance. Perhaps just “steps” would be sufficient.The vibrate feature is noticeable, but not too forceful and the battery life seems quite good, though maybe I would place it at 3-4 days instead of the week promised. This is still really good and it’s fully charged in less than an hour. I work as a barista and this is holding up well so far to occasional splashes of liquid. My mom asked me why I didn’t get one for her, so I went ahead and just ordered one for her as well! 😂

    P H

  6. The Analyst Buyer

    El paquete llegó en 60 días, sin correo registrado algo magullado pero el producto intacto, las funciones son las anunciadas, el M4PRO viene con termómetro, la pantalla se ve bien y en el exterior bastante aceptable. La aplicación es FITPRO y los mensajes son muy legibles de redes sociales, no notifica e-mail.La duración de la batería es de 5 días sin activar giro de muñeca.Buena calidad-precio.The package arrived in 60 days, without registered mail somewhat bruised but the product intact, the functions are as advertised, the M4PRO comes with a thermometer, the screen looks good and on the outside quite acceptable. The application is FITPRO and the messages are very readable from social networks, it does not notify e-mail.Battery life is 5 days without activating wrist twist.Good value for money.

    The Analyst Buyer

  7. P H

    I previously bought this product for myself, and decided to get one for my mother to encourage her to walk more. The software on hers seemed a bit updated from mine, listing “steps,” as an option instead of “state” on mine, which makes the device feel a bit more put-together. I wonder if there is a way to do a software update on mine? Anyway, it’s a nice product for the price, and has a generally bright and legible display. You won’t be able to see a whole text message, and I wish more options were offered for what apps you can receive notifications for, but it’s a good value for the money. The wrist strap is comfortable too.

    P H