Mijia LYWSD03MMC Bluetooth 4.2 Household Thermometer Hygrometer Second Generation Wireless Smart Electric Digital Display Intelligent Linkage Baby Mode Work with Mijia APP

Build a Healthy LifeMijia LYWSD03MMC combines the features of thermometer and hygrometer, it can sense indoor environment sensitively to allow you master the temperature and humidity in the home in real time, thereby more convenient let you create a healthy home environment.Main Features:LCD…

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  1. André Ars

    Well built and good quality product. Connects easily via bluetooth to the Mi Home app where you can link with other devices and define smart tasks. The precision of the values is excellent and it is possible to see statistics and with the possibility of activating the baby mode program with notifications (something that was unknown).I really like the product, but I confess that I was expecting it to be bigger (my fault I didn’t notice the dimensions initially). I make a suggestion: they could put some kind of glow in the dark or some led to turn on and see the information anyway I have the app if you don’t want to turn on the xD light. And maybe cable charging was a bad idea. But for the price it is excellent. Go on!

    André Ars

  2. Roman

    As most stuff made by Xiaomi it’s a great product, excellent build quality, looks great and will probably work for many years. The 1 thing missing is a backlight but because you can connect it to the Mi home app and just see the info on the phone it’s not that bad + it means the battery will last for much longer. I glued a magnet to the adhesive pad so can hang it on any metal surface.


  3. Alex

    Habe jetzt bereits 5 davon im Einsatz und bin sehr zufrieden.Einzig die Montage könnte beim Wechsel der Batterie problematisch werden.Die Thermometer werden mit einem mitgelieferten Sticker an die Wand geklebt, wobei die angeklebte Fläche gleichzeitig der Batteriedeckel ist. Nachdem dieser sehr fest sitzt könnte es schwierig werden die Batterie zu wechseln ohne es von der Wand zu entfernen.Auch sind die verwendeten Knopfbatterien (CR2032) in der Anschaffung teurer als die AAA Batterien bei dem anderen Modell.


  4. Anonymous

    This little sensor offers a lot for it’s price. It can measure room temperature and humidity and based on the measurements it displays a smiley that suggest how comfortable the environment is. It can be connected to a smartphone via bluetooth and then one can use ‘Mi Home’ app to see the sensor data. I had no means of testing the sensor accuracy, but from my observation and by reading the reviews it seems that it’s pretty accurate.I wish there is a way to customize the display a bit through the ‘Mi Home’ app. For example, remove the smiley and rather display the humidity alone (and maybe in bigger text) or the current date and time maybe.In general, I’m very pleased with this little sensor and I warmly recommend it.


  5. Pluto

    Preso da tenere in casa come termometro da affiancare al tradizionale, che ho in altra stanza. Le misurazioni sono accurate e precise. Anche per l’umidità.. testato mettendolo in frigo e fuori casa in ambienti umidi e i valori cambiano pressochè immediatamente. Esteticamente anche molto gradevole e di ingombro ridottissimo. Arrivato in 20 giorni. Consigliato anche perchè qualità Xiaomi. Unica pecca la mancanza di un tasto per tarare lo schermo.. e farlo più o meno marcato a seconda delle necessità. Molto comodo anche l’adesivo da attaccare dietro per appenderlo, non scontato.


  6. Jazzin Sykes

    Great !! Using this two weeks now and it shows accurate temperature and humidity. On several cold days, I compared it to the digital wall thermometer that runs my heating/cooling system – it read exactly the same when I placed it close by. I tested the humidity gauge by taking it out of my bedroom which was showing only 25% humidity and on a rainy day I placed it on the floor just inside an open door to my deck. Within a minute the number began to rise until it reached 85% so I know it is working. Hope it continues to work this well.

    Jazzin Sykes

  7. SmartShopper

    Finally received the product after 25 days of waiting for the product to be dispatched/shipped and another 50 days of transit time. Despite the long wait time, I was very satisfied with the this Enchen USB Hair Clipper. Noted the instruction manual was only in “Chinese” language. Fortunately, you can find a few YouTube videos, showing how to use the product and to clean-up afterwards. Definitely should watch these videos before using the clipper. This would save some frustration or possibly breaking/damaging the unit by not operating properly.Once you master the easy-to-follow techniques as demonstrated in the YouTube videos, you can use the clipper to trim hair effortless without pulling. Cleaning up afterward should be just as simple/easy but the brush sometimes does not work as well because of statics; could try to use a hair dryer to blow off the residual tiny hair fragments.The package was decent but could be improved somewhat and to be more presentable as gift.


  8. Asilva

    Demoreou 45 dias a chegar mas chegou. A caixa chegou com pequenninas amassadelas mas nada estragado. O aparelho tem muito bom design, um aspecto solido e sem aspecto de aparelho de plastico rasca. Vem com uma escovinha, uma garrafinha de oleo e um cabo tipo-c. Aspectos negativos temos o manual e caixa totalmente em chinês sem outra lingua alternativa, não tem um saco para guardar a maquina e o material. A maquina vai ter um teste inicial de utilização forte, como demoreou 45 dias o cabelo cresceu muito. Depois faço um update à revisão com a opinião de corte.


  9. Ferenc

    The product really is what i expected according the written product details on the site. Quality thing, nice shape, great simple design, really nice little thing.And yeah, i know there is the virus situation but i ordered this unit on April 22. and the shipping should have been 15-45 days, and i just received it on July 09. The shipping procedure delayed because of the Hungarian post office central. So no problem with Gearbest. And after 79 days of shipping the battery is still almost full!!!