MK101 Sound Box Bluetooth Speaker Audio Ultra Large Creative Gift Cool Sound

Specifications:● Product Name: Speaker● Play time: 5-8 hours● Speaker specification: 2 inch + heavy low tone speaker● Battery capacity: 1200mAh● Speaker Power: 5W● FM radio function: Band FM80 ~ 108● Charging requirements: 5V (1 ~ 2A)● Built-in TM: within 32g● Charging time: 12 hours● Bluetooth…

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  1. Queena Dewar

    this camera has an solid housing and mount, so it should be pretty durable. TOnce you get those pointed in the right direction, there’s another 360º rotation joint right at the back of the camera, which allows you to level it. It doesn’t look great in the night vision mode, but that’s more the fault of the snow than anything else. The snow reflects a lot of IR light right back to the camera, so it gets a little washed out. The other cameras I have outside all have this effect, and I know the others work well when there’s no snow. Maybe there’s an exposure adjustment or something I can make, but I haven’t spent much time looking.

    Queena Dewar

  2. Faithe Raman

    If you’ve read my other reviews, you’ll know I like details, so I’ll try to give you a lot of useful information, here. I’m a professional installer of security cameras and recorders. My specialty is giving my customers high quality equipment at a good “value”. There are a lot of choices out there and this camera is one you should consider.The camera arrived much sooner than I had expected (Prime told me to expect it in 4-5 days… it arrived in 2). The first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the camera’s case/body. It’s solid It was quick and easy and worked perfectly.

    Faithe Raman

  3. Rae Nick

    A few days ago, teenage boys drove through the neighborhood taking items from unlocked cars. They would have been caught if my camera had been higher than HD resolution so I could have read their license plate.I spent a few hours researching IP cameras when I came across this one. When I saw the price point and reviews, I thought it was a scam. I am impressed. The camera is solidly built. I still need to configure the motion detection and alerts. I need to see if the camera withstands rain and snow. If I run into any problems, I’ll update my review.

    Rae Nick