OLAF 5V 2.4A USB Type C Micro IOS 90 Degree Fast Charging Usb Cable Cord For Samsung Xiaomi iphone

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  1. Christian

    Quite inexpensive 2m-long cable that works perfectly. But how long? According to the webstore information, the cable seemed fully braided, but it seems actually sewn (see photo)and the « cloth » outer skin is kind if see-through (see photo), apparently the isolated wires can be seen through the « cloth ». So far, si good, but will it last?


  2. turani

    Rating is because of price just 0.99 $. Very good for price. Really at the moment price is 2.19 $. I cannot say that quality is excellent but it’s good for price and charged well enough.Maybe I will recommend for my friends because quality is good but I think it is better to buy things like that in discount.


  3. KND

    This product is not bad and not so good.The cord material is in the state you want to see black jeans.There is no luxury.However, normal functions are not a problem.The code is not only black but also orange.


  4. SmartShopper

    Finally received the product after 25 days of waiting for the product to be dispatched/shipped and another 50 days of transit time. Despite the long wait time, I was very satisfied with the this Enchen USB Hair Clipper. Noted the instruction manual was only in “Chinese” language. Fortunately, you can find a few YouTube videos, showing how to use the product and to clean-up afterwards. Definitely should watch these videos before using the clipper. This would save some frustration or possibly breaking/damaging the unit by not operating properly.Once you master the easy-to-follow techniques as demonstrated in the YouTube videos, you can use the clipper to trim hair effortless without pulling. Cleaning up afterward should be just as simple/easy but the brush sometimes does not work as well because of statics; could try to use a hair dryer to blow off the residual tiny hair fragments.The package was decent but could be improved somewhat and to be more presentable as gift.


  5. Asilva

    Demoreou 45 dias a chegar mas chegou. A caixa chegou com pequenninas amassadelas mas nada estragado. O aparelho tem muito bom design, um aspecto solido e sem aspecto de aparelho de plastico rasca. Vem com uma escovinha, uma garrafinha de oleo e um cabo tipo-c. Aspectos negativos temos o manual e caixa totalmente em chinês sem outra lingua alternativa, não tem um saco para guardar a maquina e o material. A maquina vai ter um teste inicial de utilização forte, como demoreou 45 dias o cabelo cresceu muito. Depois faço um update à revisão com a opinião de corte.


  6. Ferenc

    The product really is what i expected according the written product details on the site. Quality thing, nice shape, great simple design, really nice little thing.And yeah, i know there is the virus situation but i ordered this unit on April 22. and the shipping should have been 15-45 days, and i just received it on July 09. The shipping procedure delayed because of the Hungarian post office central. So no problem with Gearbest. And after 79 days of shipping the battery is still almost full!!!


  7. mic

    i am a user of former products similar to this.the former one has 3 circles in the connector head cross section, this one has 2 circles. then it has no compatibility each other.i guess usb cables has just 5 pins (5 cores) and it’s enough with 2 circles and center pin (every one circle touches twice). why the former products has 3 circles??it’s sad that these has no compatibility with former cables but it’s work well and good price.about the former one, the line up has 0.5m, 1m, 2m only. this one has 0.15m as new. i used to want to have a very short cable for my desk side and then i am happy for this.


  8. Claude

    I would like to congratulate the service personnel, I had an issue with the product I ordered and the service personnel answered all questions quickly and efficiently. They resolved the issue within a few days. The product did not meet my expectations but the support personnel exceeded all my expectations.


  9. Vil

    Amazing quality at the right price. The length is very nice to have with fast charging and the led light makes it realy easy to locate at night. Shipping was good too and trackable. I Highly recommend to other customers !!