OLAF Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones 2200mAh Charging Box Wireless Headphone 9D Stereo Sports Waterproof Earbuds Headsets With Microphone

Main Feature:Just pick it up and connect, just put it onSimplify the operation completely, take it out of the charging box, Redmi AirDots 2 is ready, just put on the headphones, you can start your experience.Single and double ear use, free and seamless switchingRedmi AirDots 2 optimizes the…

Last updated on February 1, 2021 12:30 pm


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  1. Faouzi Yaser

    good eardots comparing to the price, the sound is great and the battery lifetime is pretty good. but the packaging wasn’t really good because the product will travel a long way the box should be more solid.

    Faouzi Yaser

  2. Julian Real

    These little guys were better than I expected!The sound quality is amazing and really makes you feel the beat of music and instruments when you need extra motivation to get through your intense exercise. Highly recommended!

    Julian Real

  3. Zela

    Product as described, slow shipping but all good, would definitely recommend. Nice bass and I can walk across the house without any interruptions.


  4. Art Dog

    Bought these on a whim. I have never been a huge fan of Bluetooth Earbuds, just always preferred wired, still do. These sound absolutely great though. Very powerful, loud, and have a strong bass. Highs and lows are great too. Took forever to fully charge though. Was down to 40% after only a few hours though. I wasn’t that impressed with their ability to hold a charge. In truth I’ll probably never need them that long. Couldn’t get them to stay in my ears in a some positions. I would definitely buy these again, may even buy a second pair.

    Art Dog

  5. PTB77

    Headphones are decent for listening to music. Not a revelation, but OK for the price. The sound depends a lot on the way it is attached in the ear (you have to push the rubber bands deeper to hear the bass well). It is worse with phone calls. The voice is quiet and clearly worse than from the phone’s microphone. Appearance OK. A big plus for a neat case for charging headphones, although it’s a pity that it is there the micro USB, not USB C. The touch panel is a bit too sensitive (an attempt to fix the earphone in the ear often ends with an operation on listening — switching on, flipping a track, etc.). The battery is quite durable — I could not discharge it completely.


  6. Yusuf

    firstly the box is nice. led information for the box and earpieces are clear and accurate. the box holds a lot of charge and can be used for a long time before it needs recharging.the sound quality is ok. the best part is that you can use left OR right. when one piece is about to drain, you can pick up the other earpiece and continue using including phone calls. I recommend the item. amazing value for the price.