Raspberry Pi 4 Kit Raspberry Pi 4 Model B PI 4B 2GB 4GB Board+Heat Sink+Power Adapter+Case +32 64 128GB SD+HDMI Cable

Last updated on February 1, 2021 12:32 pm


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  1. Malcolm

    This is a nice initial starter kit for this little computer. It has the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, heat sinks for CPU and memory modules, a case, and a 32 GB micro-SD card for loading operating system and data storagem, a EU power adapter, a HDMI cable. Assembly and OS installation both went smoothly. With this kit, you need a wifi, a wired keyboard and mouse and a monitor to get going. This is a good basic kit. With a good sized micro-SD card, you can do it all with this kit.


  2. Daniel

    It is exactly what someone new to working with singleboard computers needs to have a good time getting started. The case is incredibly well made, being entirely screwless while still fitting together perfectly. If you’re looking for a tiny computer for projects or running services around the house and you want some growing room, I’d highly recommend this Pi kit.


  3. MIKA1

    Got it several days ago. I am really surprised at such small computer. It is a really upgraded product and offers better performance and faster operation speed for me whatever I want to do on it as a normal PC , including editing document,listening music or surf on the internet. The data transmittion speed is also enhanced.no noise. All in all,very satisfied!


  4. John

    For beginners, this is an indispensable suit. The quality is very good and the shell is sturdy and durable. The LCD screen resolution is also good, the picture is clear, and the touch is very sensitive. Very simple to use, can be plugged in directly, and can work with your own Raspbian/Ubuntu directly. Nice product recommended for you.


  5. IT Lover

    This is a nice initial starter kit for this little computer. I bought this kit to help my wife with some automation projects. There is a display, case, heatsink, and touch pen in the package. I liked the completeness of the kit, but the cooling system should be upgraded. The screen is clear and the touch pen is sensitive.

    IT Lover

  6. Drew

    This is a bit smaller than what is shown in the picture, I ran into some problems during installation, and this was not my first screen. This is quite cumbersome. However, once I established it, I was very happy that how it works.