SONOFF S20 WiFi Smart Switch Socket Home Safety

Last updated on February 23, 2021 9:05 am



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  1. Jerrico Usher

    It still works you can turn on the smart switch or the regular switch on the other side of the room, installation was easy except for the bulkiness of the switch, it didn’t quite fit in the box on the wall … it was a little too tall so we had to modify the box slightly at the top and bottom where the screws go into the wall box

    Jerrico Usher

  2. USP357

    Works great with Smart Things system, my switch box was wired with no neutral lead so I had to remove the wire nut bundling the neutral wires and add a lead for the switch easy, I did not have to remove the tabs on the sides of the switch but you may if you have a small box


  3. Howard C. Ogden

    I needed a three pole switch for our hallway light and I wanted to also have it be smart home capable, if you’re going to make a smart home product then invest in a more user friendly UI, they were able to troubleshoot my issue and resolve it on the first call

    Howard C. Ogden

  4. Phil

    very easy use, small, fast switch works perfect in addition with Tasmota, the process to flash these small things is tricky but worth it nothing


  5. V

    Покупалась по цене 678.33 руб. (со скидкой), через неделю стала стоить 600 =), вообщем не стоит вестись на скидки. Доставка почти месяц в ЦФО. Сама розетка пришло в мятой упаковке, вероятно всего где-то падала, но это стояло бы учитывать продавцу при отправке бытовой техники.Сама розетка исправна, с сервером синхронизировалась без проблем. За час работы с Wi-fi сетью не разу не было обрывов. В циклическом режиме работы отработала без нареканий. Внутри качественная пайка и сборка, но 10А конечно вряд ли она выдержит, особенно с пусковым током. В простое потребляет от 0,0025А до 0,005А при 220V.


  6. Sandor

    It is a basic tool for the wise owner of a smart home. Improve the usability of our phone. The enclosed description provides a step-by-step approach to installing the device. If everything is happily connected through the wifi “aerial cable”, you can start programming the times. Then we sit back in the armchair and enjoy the miracle :). I recommend it to everyone who wants to utilize the latest technical possibilities in their own lives.