STERHEN V – 50 Multi-purpose Ozone Generator O3 Sterilizer

The Introduction of ” Ozone “O3 is a combination of micro-ions. Its unstable state makes it break down into oxygen slowly at home. It is also known as the beginning of eco-oxygen, efficient and rapid microbicides, 600 times more than chlorine. O3 decomposition rate is determined by the…

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  1. crys

    Phenomenal. If we initially opt for a 10-20 g / hour ozone disinfectant, we found that this is sufficient for a room of 20 square. Manufactured from a pleasant plastic to the touch, in my opinion with a too large volume .. Similar products are twice smaller at the same ozone power. Smell of unused cotton clothing disappears after using the appliance for 30 minutes.I used to disinfect the 30 l aquarium for 5 min, the water not smelled bad and the fish and plants are ok.If you turn on the air conditioning on the ventilation they are cleaned by bacteria and smell its filters.Very useful circle function in the kitchen.To improve the product I recommend increasing the operating time to 45 minutes and installing a 12v adapter for cars.. at same price.I recommend this product . A little bit noisy. If you install it on a wall then it does better.


  2. Sotlykos

    Do as advertised. Very strong performance comparing with other similar products. Non


  3. Rocker

    Very stong ozoner, loud but doing what it was made for. Good quality and satisfaction for now. Recomand.