xiaowa lite C102 – 00 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Tired of cleaning on the weekends instead of doing things you want to do? Our cleaning robot could free your hands and clean your house. Also comes with the Mijia APP, so you can control your Deebot at home or away, schedule weekly or daily cleanings, making your life much easier.Main…

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  1. jifutta

    I have never written a review before but feel compelled to write one for this amazing vacuum, a fluffy cat, our house must have been so dirty before because I definitely don’t have time to vacuum daily and there is so much dirt/pet hair in there when I empty it each day, i just run this puppy while getting the kids ready for bed and magically my husband and I come back downstairs to a clean house


  2. bkhage01

    The idea of a robotic vacuum was pooh-poohed by a person in my home with a keen interest in clean floors that likes to sweep and mop, turned it loose on a one-day-since-washed floor, last night I opened the collection bin and she was amazed me too, i collected a full bin of pet hair, dust and sand — from a visually clean floor, being able to vacuum my house while driving home two hours is really cool


  3. SyntaxGuy

    Have had other robot vacuums in the past, i have two very fluffy furry dogs so this keeps me from having to vacuum everyday, one rug is light colored and has no problems, the other rug has dark squares on it and the vacuum gets caught up on those due to its ledge sensor, planning on getting a new rug soon anyways so it won’t be a problem very soon